so you can make confident investment decisions.

Intelligence is out there.
We can find it.

When the deal is too important to “go with your gut,” we provide the due diligence you need.

Solutions for Investing

From preliminary checks to full-scope due diligence of potential investments, we have a solution for you. With InvestCheck you choose the level of investigation you need to help mitigate risk and avoid surprises to make a confident investment decision.

Solutions for Financial Partnerships

When you need research on the key personnel involved in an investment, from preliminary and mid-level investigations to a deep dive on individuals, ExecuCheck provides you with the confidence to strike a partnership with the right people.

Solutions for a Budget

When you need a faster, professionally sourced screening for basic investment decisions, CourtCheck provides a reliable, budget-friendly option.

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Your organization is too important to leave in the hands of a basic background check that gives you little more than a simple Google search. Major decisions require the best intel possible. With over 31 years experience in special operations and counterintelligence, VERAFĪ has the expertise and resources you need to be confident in your personnel and investment decisions.

How much is confidence worth to your business?

It seems like every week there’s another news story about a bad business scam. Often times these announcements are coupled with countless numbers of checks with multiple zeroes written in private to make the problems go away. How much do you trust your current system? Are the basic background checks and Google searches helping you sleep better at night?

Don’t let unidentified risk leave your business exposed to missed opportunities and reputational damage. Contact us today for the confidence you need to make the best decisions to grow your business.

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“After being in Venture Capital for over a decade, I’ve seen my share of scam investments that have destroyed companies. VERAFĪ has provided me with so much in-depth research (way beyond the scope of the other guys) that they’ve saved our company literally millions of dollars. Their attention to detail and access to next-level intel has been essential to our success.”

VERAFĪ Client | Land Investor