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Trust is earned… but it begins with confidence in the information you have in your due diligence data.

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We offer enhanced due diligence and research services, including custom options, to meet the intelligence needs of our clients.

Solutions for Hiring

Employee background checks only tell you what someone got caught doing, not who they are.

  • Executive candidates tend to be the least verified.
  • Reputational brand damage from under-vetted hires can be unrepairable.
  • VERAFī what a candidate tells you is true. Dig into the existence of derogatory information so you can make confident, timely decisions about the people you do business with.


Personnel needs are unique to every industry and the companies in them.

  • With ExecuCheck Plus you can design the due diligence solution that meets your specific requirements.
  • An estimated 80% of resumés contain fraudulent information.
  • Resumé fraud costs companies an estimated $600 billion annually in business disruption and turnover.
  • The only question you need to consider: how deep do you want to dive?

Solutions for Investing

The company looks promising, the founders are experts in their field, and the business plan looks solid. But is it all true?

  • It should not be this hard to prove the truth. VERAFĪ’s InvestCheck service will confirm that your money is going to a legitimate business and the founding team is  worthy of your investment.
  • VERAFĪ where your money is going and invest with confidence.




Your expertise is as unique as the investments you make, so you should not have to settle for a one-size-fits-all due diligence solution.

  • With InvestCheck Plus you can design the due diligence product that meets your specific requirements, so you can be confident in your investment decisions.

Individualized, custom solutions available upon request for unique companies, family offices, and individuals.



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