The following are links to the various state requirements pertaining to obtaining reports for “employment purposes” from a consumer reporting agency, such as VERAFĪ.  Please note that in addition to the state requirements, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is also applicable. 

DISCLAIMER:  VERAFĪ is not providing any legal advice or representation that the following requirements are current or comprehensive. This page was last updated on August 4, 2020.


Arizona Consumer Reporting Agencies and Fair Credit Reporting, A.R.S. § 44-1692, et seq:

44-1693. Access to reports by a consumer:


CA Civil Code (Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act), 1785.1, et seq.

Consumer Credit Reporting Agency (1785.3):

Notice to Only CA Residents (1785.6):

Who May Receive Report (1785.11):

Inspection/Recipients (1785.10):

Content (1785.13):

Notice and Copy of Report for Employment Purposes (1785.20.5):

CA Civil Code (Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act), 1786, et seq.

Definitions (1786.2):

Inspection/Recipients (1786.10):

Who May Receive Report (1786.12):

Conditions Precedent to Preparation of Report (1786.16):

Content (1786.18):

Policy and Recordkeeping Requirements (1786.20):

Notice Requirements (1786.29):

Ban the Box Laws – California General Prohibitions on Use of Criminal History (Gov. Code 12952):

Form of Notice – Cal Civ Code § 1785.15(f):


Conn. Gen Stat. Sec. 31-51i. – Employer inquiries about erased criminal record prohibited:

Sec. 31-51tt. – Employer inquiries about an employee’s or prospective employee’s credit:

Form of Notice – Sec. 36a-699a. Written summary of consumer’s rights:


Ban the Box Laws – 19 Del. C. § 711(g):

Form of Notice – 6 Del. C. § 2203(c) Notice of rights:


D.C. Code § 2-1402.11 – Discriminatory Practices (Credit Information):

Ban the Box Laws – D.C. Fair Criminal Record Screening, § 32-1341, et seq.:

§ 32-1342. Inquiries into certain arrests, accusations, and convictions:

Form of Notice – § 28-3863. Notice of rights.:


GA Code 35-3-34 – Disclosure and dissemination of criminal records to private persons and businesses:

Ban the Box Laws – Georgia Gov. Executive Order – Only to Government Employers:

Form of Notice – O.C.G.A. Section 10-1-915. Notice of right to security freeze:


Ban the Box Laws – Hawaii Discriminatory Practices, HRS § 378-1, et seq.:

§ 378-2. Discriminatory practices made unlawful; offenses defined:

§ 378-2.5. Employer inquiries into conviction record:

[§ 378-2.7.] Employer inquiries into and consideration of credit history or credit report.:


Abide by the FCRA.


Ban the Box Laws – Executive Order 17-15, Fair Chance Hiring Process:

Form of Notice – 24-5-24-13:


Abide by the FCRA.


§ 9:3571.1:

Ban the Box Laws – Consideration of Criminal History in Public Employment, 42:1701, et seq.:

§ 42:1701. State employment; Consideration of criminal history; prohibited acts:

§ 42:1702. Consideration of arrest records; prohibited acts:


Maine Fair Credit Reporting Act, 10 M.R.S. § 1306, et seq.:

10 M.R.S. § 1310-H – Additional State-Specific Restrictions:


Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, 14-1201, et seq.:

Section 14-1202. Permissible purposes of consumer reports:

Section 14-1203. Reporting of obsolete information prohibited:

Section 14-1206. Disclosures to consumer required; deletions:

Section 14-1207. Conditions of disclosure of consumer’s file:

Section 14-1210. Public record information for employment purposes:

Section 14-1212. Duty of user of consumer report to notify consumer:

Job Applicant Fairness Act, 3-711:

Ban the Box Laws – Maryland Criminal Record Screening Practices Act, HB 994/SB 839:

Form of Notice – Maryland Department of Labor:


Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) Registration and Obligations, 803 CMR 2.00, et seq. and 803 CMR 11.00, et seq.

803 CMR 2.20:

803 CMR 2.16 – CORI Policy Requirement for Frequent Requestors:

803 CMR 11.06 – Requesting CORI on behalf of an iCORI-Registered Client:

803 CMR 11.08 – Storage of CORI:

803 CMR 11.10 – Dissemination of CORI by a CRA:

M.G.L. Chapter 93 – Regulation of Trade and Certain Enterprises:

§ 51. Circumstances Under Which Consumer Reporting Agency May Furnish Consumer Report:

§ 52. Information Not to be Reported:

§ 54. Procedures to Ensure Accuracy of Reports and Compliance With Requirements:

§ 56. Disclosures to Consumer on Request; Information to Be Disclosed; Notice of Consumer’s Rights:

§ 60. Consumer Reports for Employment Purposes; Items of Public Record:

§ 62. Notice to Consumer When Credit, Insurance, or Employment Denied Based on Report; Liability for Violation:

Ban the Box Laws – GL Chapter 151B, Section 4 (9):

Form of Notice – ALM GL ch. 93, § 56(b):


Michigan Compiled Laws Act 453 of 1976 – § 37.2205a:





Abide by the FCRA.


Ban the Box Laws – Public Employers

R.R.S. Neb. § 48-202. Public employer; applicant; disclosure of criminal record or history; limitation:


598C.110. Duties of reporting agency:

598C.130. Disclosures to consumer regarding consumer report:

598C.150. Purging of information from files of reporting agency; disclosure of purged information:

284.281.  Unclassified service: Policies and procedures:

Form of Notice – 598C.310. Duty of reporting agency to provide written disclosure of rights of consumer regarding security freeze; form of written disclosure:

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fair Credit Reporting Act, RSA 359-B:1, et seq.:

359-B:4. Permissible Purposes of Reports:

359-B:5. Obsolete Information:

359-B:9. Disclosures to Consumers:

359-B:10. Conditions of Disclosure to Consumers:

359-B:13. Public Record Information for Employment Purposes:

359-B:15. Requirements on Users of Consumer Reports:

Form of Notice – RSA 359-B:23. Notice to Consumers:

New Jersey

New Jersey Fair Credit Reporting Act, § 56:11-28, et seq.:

N.J. Stat. § 56:11-31(a). Furnishing of consumer report:

N.J. Stat. § 56:11-31(b)-(e) – Restrictions on Furnishing of Consumer Reports for Employment:

N.J. Stat. § 56:11-34. Disclosure to consumer:

Ban the Box Laws – New Jersey Opportunity to Compete Act, N.J.S.A 34:6B-11, et seq.:

§ 34:6B-13. Definitions relative to certain employment rights of persons with criminal records:

§ 34:6B-14. Prohibited actions by employer during initial employment application process:

§ 34:6B-15. Prohibitions relative to employer advertisements:

§ 34:6B-16. Exceptions to prohibited actions by employers:

Form of Notice – N.J. Stat. § 56:11-46(i):

New Mexico

56-3-4. Information to businesses, professions and individuals:

56-3-6. Report information; limitations:

Ban the Box Laws – New Mexico Criminal Offender Employment Act, Section 28-2-1, et seq.: .

28-2-3.1. Employment eligibility determination; private employers:

28-2-3. Employment eligibility determination:

Form of Notice – N.M. Stat. Ann. 56-3A-4. Notice of rights:

North Carolina

Abide by the FCRA.

Ban the Box Laws

·      While North Carolina does not have a statewide ban the box law, many cities within North Carolina, such as Charlotte, have enacted ordinances and/or have executive orders limiting the scenarios/timing in which employers may inquire into or consider an applicant’s criminal history.

North Dakota

Ban the Box Laws – N.D. Cent. Code, § 12.1-33-02.2:

Form of Notice – N.D. Cent. Code, § 51-33-12. Notice of rights:


24 Okl. St. § 148. Consumer Report Request:

Ban the Box Laws – Executive Order 2016-03:

Form of Notice – 24 Okl. St. § 158. Notice to be Included in Summary of Rights:


659A.320 Discrimination based on information in credit history prohibited; exceptions:

659A.357 Restricting salary history inquiries:

Ban the Box Laws – ORS  § 659A.360 – Restricting criminal conviction inquires:


General Provisions regarding Criminal History Information in Pennsylvania, 18 Pa.C.S. § 9101, et seq.:

Section 9103 – Applicability:

Section 9125 – Use of Records for Employment:

Rhode Island

R.I. Gen. Laws

Section 6-13.1-21.  Credit reports — Notice to individual — Requirements of users of credit reports:

Section 6-13.1-22. Access to credit reports:

Ban the Box Laws – RI Gen. Laws Section 28-5-7:

Form of Notice – R.I. Gen. Laws Section 6-48-6. Notice of rights:

South Carolina

Abide by the FCRA.

South Dakota

Abide by the FCRA.


Ban the Box Laws – Tenn. Code Ann. § 8-50-112 – State Employers:

Form of Notice – Tenn. Code Ann. § 47-18-2109. Notice to consumer regarding security freeze:


Ban the Box Laws – Public Employers

34-52-201. Public employer requirements:


Vermont Fair Credit Reporting, Section 2480a, et seq.

Section 2480b. Disclosures to consumers:

Section 2480e. Consumer consent:

21 V.S.A. Section 495i:

12 V.S.A. Section 495m – Salary History:

Ban the Box Laws – Fair Employment Practices, Section 495(j):

Form of Notice – Section 2480b. Disclosures to consumers(c):

West Virginia

Ban the Box Laws – Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, 111.31, et seq.:

111.321. Prohibited bases of discrimination: .

111.335. Arrest or Conviction Record; Exceptions:

Form of Notice – Wis. Stat. § 100.54 (11) Notices:


Abide by the FCRA.